Mitigate atom performance issues


So I love atom since switching over to it and then going on a package installing rampage it’s now pretty much perfect. However I do have a few issues like the start up time is slow sometimes. Also if I open a very large file it will just crash atom or sometimes I’m just trying to hit save on something and it crashes.

Is there anything from either a hardware side or config that I can do to help improve overall speed/performance? Like if I put atom and the projects im working on on an SSD is that going to help, is more RAM something atom likes, does atom want many threads, less threads more frequency? Does atom run better under linux/mac/windows?

I’m aware that some of my issues may be cause by the plugins I have installed but a lot of them are the reason why I want to use atom. So if your primarily going to work with atom what can one do from a hardware or config perspective to optimize it for atoms chunky behaviour?