Misspelled Email Address need old Username


Hey, Admin

I have created an account, but i misspelled my email address, so couldn’t confirm it. And I want my username back, currently it is spaceman but i want spaceman4walk which is unavailable. Due to my previous mistake. Please Help me or delete that request.

wrong email entered : rahulthespaceman@gmal.com

correct email account : rahulthespaceman@gmail.com

Please Help !!

PS : PLEASE ALSO ACCEPT THE INVITE. and give me the link to download the editor.

Rahul Bohra


Sounds like this is related to the boards, not Atom? I recategorized your thread based on this assumption.


So What is the next step?


I deleted the spaceman4walk user. I don’t know if Discourse allows multiple accounts with the same email address, so you may need to delete your current user to create another one with the correct name.


Thanks, I have updated my username :slight_smile:

And, one more thing i have got the invitation last night, what i found that atom editor is for Mac. I am a window’s user, do atom have windows version?


Not yet. There will be one, but it probably will be a while. They have said that they are getting all the feedback/bug reports/complains/noise they can handle now with it being Mac only.

TL;DR Not yet, but someday.


Thank you for your reply.