Missing .gitignore from HOMEFOLDER/github folder


I made the mistake of trying to move the package I was creating from the Mac default location of the /github folder in the home folder to my personal coding folder (organization freak). I was unsuccessful in my attempt to do this, but I also in inadvertently deleted a .gitignore file that was in the folder that I was unaware of, so now I’m getting this message when I open Atom: “Project directory HOMEFOLDER/gitignore is no longer on disk.” Anyway of getting the gitignore back? I attempted to create a new package to see if Atom would stick a new .gitignore in there, but it didn’t work. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, any suggestions for moving the atom package to a different folder would be great also, as I don’t really like having coding projects in multiple locations.



.gitignore is just a plain-text file that contains a list of patterns to ignore and you can create a new one just like you’d create any other file. The default .gitignore for Atom packages is short and sweet:



Thanks DS! Yeah I’m very familiar with gitignore files, I just had no idea what this particular one contained. Appreciate you telling me what is included. I’ll make my own. Thanks buddy.


Hmmmm, I’ve created the .gitignore file and loaded it with the items you mentioned, but Atom is still sending the message that it is missing. Any suggestions or tips?


I’ve never seen the message you quote. It also doesn’t seem to make much sense. When Atom says “project directory”, it means the set of top-level directories in the tree view for that window. Why would there be a project directory called gitignore? If Atom thinks that it ought to open one and isn’t able to, that could maybe cause it.

Do you get this message if you open a different folder in Atom, via the context menu or the command line?


D’oh! Man, my silliness boggles myself sometimes. A week ago, I downloaded the gitignore repo, and deleted it shortly after opening it in Atom. I haven’t had a need to use Atom in a week or so and haven’t opened it since deleting the project, so when I opened it, it tried to open the deleted project folder and couldn’t do it. I totally forgot about the fact I downloaded that repo and was instantly thinking of an actual .gitignore file that might’ve been missing.

So yeah, turns out it was trying to load a folder I deleted and I had forgot. Ultimate stupidity over here.

Thanks for the help.


Now everything makes perfect sense. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:


Just curious DS, where is the .gitignore file located that you mentioned above? The one with:


What directory should this be placed in on the macOS system?


Each git repo will have its own .gitignore file. I don’t think they have any meaning outside of repos. That’s the auto-generated file from a package project I’m working on.


Ok, so it is just a package .gitignore file. Go it. Thanks again.