Missing font for dialog box?


I just installed atom 1.11.1 on a fresh installation of Fedora 26 and all the dialog boxes for opening a file or folder seem to be using a font that’s missing. Switching themes didn’t seem to help. Is there a font package that I might be missing?


Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing:

Screenshot from 2017-10-21 10-00-28


  That symptom seems familiar. 
  Would you mind searching the pages of the forum?

  FYI - Atom is now on version V1.21.



I did do a quick search beforehand and didn’t see anything that lined up with the symptoms.

I just upgraded to 1.21.1 and the symptoms have gone away so I’m good to go.

Thanks for following up,


Hi Ken. Thank you for your feedback.

The search term in this forum -> Fedora font
Result -> [FIXED](Was using old binaries, v1.20.1 fixed it) / Messed up font in os modal windows (Fedora 25)


Looks like my search-foo could use some work :slight_smile: I’ll be more diligent next time around.

I read through the thread, and I must have done exactly what that user did in terms of grabbing the wrong version of Atom…

Thanks again for the quick follow-up.