Missing docstring in public module


I’ve just installed atom and I want to program on it with Python. But always when I open a new window there is a message for me which says:

D100 — Missing docstring in public module


D100 Missing docstring in public module [pep257]

But I don’t really understand what does it means. Can somebody help me?

  1. Does this message appear when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe?
  2. What community packages do you have installed?


Oh, when I open it with atom --safe it works without that the message appear. Thanks! But why is it like this and shall I always open it like this?


… 2: and I have the packages script, linter-ui-default, linter-python-pep257, linter-python, linter-pylama, linter-flake8, linter, intentions, busy-signal, atom-clock, hydrogen and all the packages that atom have installed himself.


Here is pep257 Basiacally it’s a python convention where public module should have documentation. It’s got nothing to do with atom and it’s probably a linter that point you to error in your code. (not following convention)

In this case it’s easy to guess, you have a package specifically made to enforce that rule
linter-python-pep257. Either follow the rule or configure the linter so it’s not enforced.