Missing colors


Hi. I just started out using atom and i see the text is plain white. I just wonder if there are colors that you can get?


Ive used sublime text and i know that there are plenty of colors and i would just like to work with that in atom aswell!


Have you saved the file? Atom has no ability to autodetect the language you’re using until a file is saved with a recognized file extension. You can also change the current language by clicking on the button that says Plain Text on the right-hand side of the status bar.


Atom has builtin support for ~30 languages, including the common ones like C, JS, HTML, Markdown, etc.

If your file’s language is not an option in the selection dialogue, you will need to install a language-<name> package. E.g., for LaTeX support you would install language-latex.

When installed, this grammar will be automatically applied to a file when opened, or a new file when first saved.

Some additional information: syntax highlighting is a two part process. First, the grammar package (the language-<name> one) applies a set of scopes to each character in the file. Then, the current syntax theme applies colours to the different scopes. Some themes will be better suited to a particular language than others, but all should be fine if the creators followed best practices. For reference, the builtin theme One Dark does a very good job of handling many languages.