Misaligned text, not alligned with line numbers



I am currently preparing an outdated Atom theme that really fits my Mac OS (Courtesy of https://github.com/ericjbasti/mac-os). Since it hasn’t been updated for about 2 years, it causes some problems, mainly a misallignement of text. Screenshot:

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-18 om 12.47.20

Maybe someone here can help me out on this. Been at it a while now.


You can investigate the CSS being displayed by opening the dev tools (View -> Developer -> Open Dev Tools) and searching (Cmd-F) for the text in question. Click on the HTML elements and their CSS will pop up. There’s probably some extra line-height on the text in the editor.


Thanks for replying, DamnedScholar. This will surely help.


If you investigate and aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you can post screenshots up here and we can point you to the important rules.



Well I think I found the line of code that needs to be edited, however when I change the height pixels, and save the file, nothing happens. I am running Atom in dev mode, and used the apm --link command in the theme folder. Also, I’m getting some errors in the bottom of the dev tab.


Are you changing the height property in the dev tools window? Because that’s not going to do anything like what you want. You need to change it wherever it is in the .less files, and it’s probably a line-height property inside the editor.