Minimizing app download size



I’m evaluating Electron for offline web site ‘brochure-ware’ content distribution primarily to Windows clients, and after reading through some of the docs and tutorials, I’m unclear on the process of building an app using ‘full’ vs. ‘prebuilt’, to minimize app file size.

Is this something that occurs automagically, is there a config file(s) that I need to work with?

Any help appreciated!



There is no “full”, prebuilt just means you don’t have to build Electron
from source. There’s no difference in size of the resulting distribution.
Usually you only need to build from source if you modify Electron’s
internals, or want to run it on a platform that doesn’t have a prebuilt
version available.


Thanks, just to be clear is ~100mb for the uncompressed app (~40MB zipped), which includes ~3MB of content as good as it gets?


Yes, @dsmithdewarcom, these sizes are normal.