MiniMap, ala Sublime Text


Hey, is there any scope for this feature?

Sublime like overview scrollbar would be nice

Unsure if it’d be part of the core set of packages*, but there is definitely a package in the works.

* Which is always a weird distinction, since nearly every feature in Atom is implemented in terms of packages. Even essential things like “Status Bar” and “Find and Replace”.


I thought as much. I’m currently reading up on packages, should be fairly standard to implement… I’d like a slight extension to it; when highlighting or selecting multiple texts, its clearly visible on the MiniMap too…


+1 Would be great to have.


This + highlighting all instances of a selected item are crucial for me to make the switch to Atom full-time. I often double click to highlight a variable name, then use the map to quickly see all of the instances of that variable. HUGE timesaver.


Yeah, exactly. Makes life much easier. I’d love to see clearer highlighting on the MiniMap when a lighter theme is applied. I could never get it to look right in Sublime.

Regarding the look and feel, additionally I was thinking it could follow a similar style of IntelliJ’s syntax gutter, which highlights a line requiring further inspection. MiniMap being a mile high view, this would be perfect for selecting a line within the MiniMap gutter, to then bring you to a line with the currently selected/highlighted text.


There’s a package for this now:


nice, I’ll try it out. Thanks for the link


Now, Release 0.0.4

  • add gray overlayer, toggle display over/leave
  • support mousewheel, sync editor and minimap scrollTop


Nice, this works great! Thanks!


Hello guys,

A quick post to say that the minimap was quite improved in the past weeks:

There’s still more work on the roadmap, known issues and missing features, so expect some updates in the incoming days/weeks.


HI Fundon,

Thanks for minimap. Quick question, how do you get more detail in the minimap text? My text is so small its just blocks, in your preview it seems I can actually see words and much more detail.



In fact, the font is actually only blocks. Given the scale of the minimap, with several vertical pane, the editor font was simply too light to be of any use, or the minimap had to have a quite large size, eating too much on the editor itself.

However, @fundon anticipated that and the minimap support theming even if there’s no ui/command to change it actually. I think the minimap scale itself will become a configuration field one day, but I can’t give an eta actually.

And in last resort, you can also tweaks the minimap using your custom stylesheet.


@lucascolin, thanks for your report.
Currently, the font is only blocks.
The configurable and customize has been added to the todo list.