Minification of js/css for atom-shell


Does it make sense to minify renderer-side JavaScript and CSS files to be used in atom-shell?

I understand their isn’t much advantage from the point of view of the size of these files. But what about changes resulting from the removal of white spaces and comments?

Or this is just a micro-optimisation?



Minification only really benefits network transfer speed. Since the source is all local, the difference in load time is going to be minimal and dwarfed compared to parsing and execution time.


If you can automate it in your build process, then why not do it? But like you said, this is really micro optimisation, and it’s going to win you next to nothing.


thanks @postcasio and @olmokramer for your comments.

We already use Google Closure advanced compilation mode for minifying the code. It does dead code elimination as well.

I think the only other marginal benefit is a smaller distribution package size. but again this is a minor advantage, if at all.