Migration capability for Atom to another system


I switch between Linux and Windows PC in my development process, and I am sure others may do the same. I was spending a good chunk of time the other day trying to set up my environment on the Linux machine the same that I had on my windows machine by installing ever package and theme to be the same. I need to check if there’s a simple way to do this by copying certain folders, but if not, I thought a good core feature for Atom would be to have a migration tool to package everything into an archive so you can mirror your environment on a different system. From what I found, there’s a manual way to copy the settings to a new environment https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30877289/how-to-share-transfer-an-atom-installation-packages-and-settings-from-one-mac. I was just thinking it makes sense to be able to package this and install it on another machine via an archive.


Edit: It looks like there is a plugin for this called “package-sync”. https://atom.io/packages/package-sync


When it comes to init.coffee, config.cson, snippets.cson, and styles.less, you can simply copy them over. For packages, a package sync package will make it easy.