Migrating from electron-builder/electron-webpack to electron-forge

I’ve mostly migrated my application from electron-webpack (which uses electron-builder under the hood) to electron-forge, and I’m seeking any advice or suggestions on how best to handle migrating the users of my application, which is using electron-updater to new versions of the app built with electron-forge.

For the existing users, they are using, for macOS a DMG artefact being built and published onto GitHub releases. For Windows users, it is using NSIS.

With electron-forge, I can build a DMG for macOS and Squirrel.Windows for Windows and then use the GitHub publisher to upload to a GitHub release.

I’m assuming though that perhaps both the macOS and Windows releases will not auto-update to the corresponding artefacts built by electron-forge - perhaps the DMG for macOS? But likely not NSIS -> Squirrel.Windows?

Any support or advice would be much appreciated.