Migrating from Editplus


I have been a devoted EditPlus user for at least 15 years. I’ve tried many other editors, and not been impressed. However, Atom looks like it just might convince me to finally switch. I have a number of .stx (syntax highlighting) and .acp (auto-completion) files which I have built up and refined over the years, and I’d hate to have to entirely rebuild them. Is there some way to migrate them? I haven’t yet figured out the highlighting and autocomplete features of Atom – are there existing files for Atom which I could tweak for the languages I use? (Mainly PHP, C++, JS, SQL, CSS, HTML) Also, a column-select feature would be a must – does Atom have this? Thanks.


No, we don’t have a way to migrate from those Editplus systems to Atom’s system.

Bunches! In the Atom package registry, there are language packages and autocomplete providers for many different things. Atom’s language packages have more features than just syntax highlighting, they often provide snippets and other customizations … so they’re a package instead of a single file. Similarly, autocomplete providers are potentially more complex than just a single file … it depends on how smart you want to make it. For a simple provider, you can take a look at my autocomplete-html-entities package as an example.


A quick search through the package registry yields https://atom.io/packages/sublime-style-column-selection and https://atom.io/packages/column-select as possible results.