Middle clicking versus middle mousedown: closing tabs (buffers)


Sorry if I’m getting the terminology wrong here.

In other applications that use tabs (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc), middle clicking tabs closes them. Atom sort of has this feature, but instead of closing the tab on mouseup (which triggers the click event), Atom closes the tab immediately upon mousedown. I was a bit surprised by this behavior, and more than once I’ve accidentally closed the wrong tab. In other applications where middle clicking a tab closes it, you can change your mind in the middle by dragging the cursor away from the tab while still holding down the middle button. This is the same behavior buttons have with respect to left clicking.

I think that tabs (buffers) should be closed on middle click, rather than on middle mousedown.

I’m not sure what would go into changing this behavior, or whether there are reasons not to, or if I’m even posting this in the right place, so I look forward to hearing feedback on this feature request.

Edit: As requested, here’s the bug report/feature request: https://github.com/atom/tabs/issues/198


I think you should probably file a bug on the tabs package. If you do, please post a link to the Issue you open here on this topic.