Microphone access permission on Mac (OS X El Capitan)


Is there way I can grant microphone access permission to desktop app on Mac OS X? we can request user to grant permission to microphone on IOS device. I am curious how we can achieve this for OS X desktop app. Is there app settings that I can use for this. I am opening remote url in desktop app which needs access to microphone to record audio. it uses getUserMedia function to request microphone access.


I’ve just experimented with this over the last week and somewhat to my surprise there is no “Allow access to the microphone” dialog. Your app already has access. Thinking about it that makes sense, since you have access to the entire machine via node anyway.

It would be interesting though to see a listing of places we’re electron is circumventing the regular browser sandbox.


I think the better question is where is it not circumventing the sandbox? Electron enables Node in all BrowserWindows by default, which does an end-run around virtually all browser protections, to my understanding.