Merging packages


I forked and made Trudko has suggested we merge the two together since he doesn’t have time to maintain advanced-new-file, and I’m totally down for this, but it’s unclear to me if there’s a way to get users of both packages onto the same package cleanly.

The end result I’d like is for users who are currently using advanced-new-file to be prompted to upgrade, and when the upgrade is complete, advanced-new-file is replaced by advanced-open-file in their package listing. Is something like this possible?


You could put the merged code into both packages and then put in an alert pop-up about what is going on.


It’s quite easy, I think:

  1. Update advanced-open-file to disable and uninstall advanced-new-file (along with the other features from advanced-new-file)
  2. Update advanced-new-file to install that new version of advanced-open-file (there are some packages that install other packages, package-sync for example, so this should be possible) and disable advanced-new-file.

I think that will be enough so users will get an update for advanced-new-file, but it will be silently renamed to advanced-open-file this way.


Cool lets do this! :smile:


Very nice, today I installed both thinking that they are so similar, it could have been one package. :thumbsup: