Merge tabs and title bar?


Tabs are great - they allow quick context switches and of course are something that should be included. It’s great that they can be themed to match whatever style the user likes too - but what about that pesky title bar on the window?

It would be great if the title bar and tabs were merged, like in Chrome. This would remove the unsightly bar that isn’t matching my theme at the top of all the windows. It would also remove a chunk of basically unused pixels as well - something that seems to be a goal given the design of the application and website.

I wish the UI looked like this

Or at least make it a theming option …


Would absolutely LOVE to see this. This is something I always wanted in SublimeText, having a default-style title bar not only wastes screen real estate, it just gives the entire application a kind of an amateurish feel to it, since it doesn’t match the rest of the interface, especially when using a dark theme.


Here is a very useful thread with feedback and mockups for Sublime:


If a Mac OS X title bar proxy icon can be incorporated in a tab than it would be a nice feature.


In particular, here’s a mockup I really like from that page that I think would look good in Atom:
Sublime Text UI Proposal


I would love to see this. This is the only thing that annoys me with Atom right now.


See Hide system window title bar for further discussion / mockups