Merge-Conflicts 1.0 Released


I’ve just published version 1.0 of the merge-conflicts package. All initial features are implemented and all known bugs are fixed.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Check it out and let me know what you think! Issues and pull requests accepted.


  • Conflict resolution controls are provided for each detected conflict. You can use the buttons to resolve each conflict, or you can use command palette commands, or you can use hotkeys. The hotkeys on the button labels will be updated if you remap the default key bindings.
  • Choose your version, their version, combinations thereof, or arbitrary changes edited in place as a resolution. You can also bulk-resolve an entire file as “ours” or “theirs” from the context menu on the file list panel.
  • Navigate to the next and previous conflicts in each file.
  • Track your progress through a merge with per-file progress bars and a file list. The dash next to the progress bar turns into a checkmark when the file is staged.
  • Save and stage the resolved version of each file as it’s completed.

Future Plans

  • Right now I’m shelling out to git to check status, stage resolved versions, or checkout --ours/checkout --theirs. I’d like to use the git-utils package once I make a few pull requests to put in the functionality that I need.
  • I only handle two-way conflict markers; I’d love to handle three-way markers as well.


this is awesome! great plugin :smile:


Let me just say here what an awesome plugin. Really well done. Thank you.


Thanks! This one was a lot of fun to build. I hope it’s helpful and, as always, pull requests are welcome :wink:


Nice work. You can add to future plans:

  • Merge conflicts of git stash