Menu missing


Since I installed plasma 5.9, the menu bar is gone. I’ve set it to do not hide, and checked that global menu in plasma is set to “In application”.


Is this a question about Atom, the code editor, or Electron, the app framework?


It’s about Atom editor, I suppose, as I’m sure I’m using it (not so sure about Electron).


Then you’re going to need to clarify what you’re talking about. I can’t find any packages by that name, so what is Plasma?


Well, it’s back now. I’m sorry about giving not enough data from beginning. I was talking about Latest KDE Plasma release, and didn’t even bother to mention that I’m using latest Atom beta (1.14.b4).
Thank you for the time that I may have wasted. :older_man:


Okay. Temporary native UI malfunctions following an update of the desktop environment are weird, but not too surprising. The menu bar is generated by the WM, not by Atom.