Menu label does not change


I am trying to develop a feature for existing package called Ask-Stack-Atom

The issue, is I change the label in cson, but cmd+shift+p shows still old label… Can anyone suggest what is going wrong?

Here are the steps I did:

  1. Make sure I do not have module installed already.
  2. git clone ask-stack-atom to ~/Projects/
  3. apm link --dev while being inside of ~/Projects/Ask-Stack-Atom. It sucessfully created symlink in ~/.atom/dev/packages/ask-stack
  4. Open atom using “atom --dev” command while being in ~/.atom/dev/packages/ask-stack
  5. Edit ask-stack.cson. Change 'label': 'Ask Stack' to 'label': 'Ask Me'.
  6. Call Window reload / Dev Reload All / Cmd + Q.
  7. The label is changed in Menu, but in Cmd + Shift + P it still stays Ask Stack instead of Ask Me.


The command in the Command Palette is always based off of the name of the command itself. Since you’ve named your command ask-stack:ask-question:

the entry in the Command Palette will be titled “Ask Stack: Ask Question”. I do not know of a way to change it.


Oh, that is rather unexpected. Thank you for clarifying out.

I fear it will confuse other newcomers as well.