Menu hotkeys

i have made a shortcut to Save All function in atom developer mode to the keymapfile that is in the source and now i would like to made it appear to menu>file similarly like save has ctrl-s next to it and save as has ctrl-shift-s new to it. so what file i need to change so that this happens?

You’ll change All you need to do is add an instruction and it will be called when Atom starts up.

Yeah, but i want to add that command text to the already existing option, because under menu tab File there is already save all option and i just want to add next to it the shortcut command how to do it.

I see now. It’s weird, but all of the menu entries that have a keybinding listed have an ampersand in the middle of their names (Save All being the rebel and doing the latter without the former). There’s no documentation on this as far as I know and I don’t see any functions in the code that deal with ampersands (via skimming and searching for &).