Memory leak still present in Atom


I’ve been testing Atom for several days now because I wanted to find a more user friendly alternative to Sublime Text. At first I have to say Atom is a great editor and has a really nice UI. But after some usage I notice that my memory usage was quite high in Atom helper. Even If I closed all tabs the memory didn’t drop. At first I thought maybe atom is using some kind of caching algorithm to optimize file operations but when I further diagnosed the problem it turns out to be a memory leak. I did a small test case on one file. I open and close it several times. And after each open the memory was jumping about 5-20 MB and never dropped. After several attempts I reached over 600 MB on Atom Helper process. I was testing it using “atom --safe” heck I even disabled all non essential core packages leaving only “tabs” package.

Im running Atom 1.0.2 on:
System Version: OS X 10.10.4
Kernel Version: Darwin 14.4.0

Can anybody else confirm this issue?


If you want to document a memory leak, there is a tool built-in to Atom to do so. If you open the Developer Tools then click the Profiles tab you can record heap allocations over time.

As far as confirming your theory, I cannot. I use Atom lightly and heavily, at home and at work and sometimes leave it open for days at a time.


Why can’t I run valgrind on atom in Linux? It doesn’t seem to be able to hook the process.