Medium size files crashes when saved externally


Hello there
I know the big file crash problem is already well known, well discussed and I’m sure people are working on an asynchronous/reliable loading of big files
but I encoutered a variation of this problem in a very specific situation which I’m in many times a day and I could’nt find topics speaking of this

The problem is when a medium size file (in my case a 1 200Ko json) which is easily read in Atom (only the syntax takes a little time to appear), I let this in background all day,
and when I modify this medsize file with another program (in my case the program i develop),
whenever i return to Atom it has frozen dead asking “do you want to keep waiting”

The thing is I like to look manually in my data while bidouilling it
Notepad++ has no problem dealing with that and i like the way it asks if i want to reload or not (didn’t check, maybe atoms has it too)

I’m damn sure this topic has already been quoted so
If there is a better place/topic for it I would be happy to move it