MediaDeviceInfo is not defined

Hi every body.

I’m stuck in a strange problem linked to the MediaDeviceInfo in an Angular / Electron application.

When i try to access teh webcam device list Electron throw me an exception :

webcam.component.js:360 Uncaught ReferenceError: MediaDeviceInfo is not defined at webcam.component.js:360 at Object…/node_modules/ack-angular-webcam/webcam.component.js

It seem that it’s related to access authorisation or maybe protocol definition.

It works fine in my linux computer but not in Windows 10. I’ve tried to set the PermissionRequestHandler but it’s never called

// the app need media access autorisation.
session.fromPartition(‘some-partition’).setPermissionRequestHandler((webContents, permission, callback) => {

Any Idea or advice ?