Mechanism similar to tooltips to show data


Hello everyone,

I’m trying to show information when a user hovers over treeview items. My first option have been tooltips, but it seems that they don’t admit too much customization (1).

My problem is that the content I’m trying to show is too long. Actually, is a RSpec test result and they are formed by a message, a backtrace and a class. My ideal would be something similar to a tooltip (that appears and disappears) but being able to show a more complex markup.

What would be your approach to this?. I’d like to hear all opinions, even if you wouldn’t consider tooltips.




Maybe you want a “popover” style UI? I’ve hacked together something for myself, though I think this would be a nice standard thing to have in core at some point.


Yeah, that would be great!. Any chance of seeing your solution?. It seems then that what I want is not so direct…

Thanks @jessegrosjean!


Attached to that feature request is this pull request:

It’s messy in places and not ready for full public consumption yet. Mostly a start looking for feedback.


I just posted my package that uses popovers:

To try them out create an outline and select some text and a medium style text formatting popover will show. The code is in ‘’. My package is under a commercial license so you can’t reuse the code, but I’ll move the generic UI stuff to a separate package with an open source license if there’s interest.