Maximum file size


I tried searching the discussion group but couldn’t find an answer. I’m trying to open a very large text (csv) file but I don’t know if Atom is working on it or not. Is there a size limit to files Atom can open? Once I get it open I will want to delete some fields (columns). How do I do that with Atom?


How large is the CSV file? Have you tried opening it in Atom 1.19? There’s no hard limit, but I believe it should be able to open up to 40MB files without too much of a problem.


It’s about 6GB and I have Atom 1.18.

Richard English


As far as I know, text editors as a rule are bad at this. It would certainly be possible to make Atom do it, but it might be easier on you to attempt this operation in a spreadsheet program, or go bare-bones and use a CLI line editor like sed.

It’s about 6GB

Atom has a problem with large files, but 6 gigs runs the risk of making most things choke. That’s a lot of data to have to keep in memory at once.


The latest version of Atom choked on a 14 MB file for me. That aside. DamnedScholar’s points are well taken. Once you get up into the GB range even vi is going to become useless. That’ where streaming editors like sed become the weapon of choice.