Mathjax works in node, not in electron


I can run the example on directly using node, however when I do it with electron (I have the example saved in a file called math.js which I require in the index.html of the electron app) the callback is never called.

I can call variables from the example using the console, so the connection between electron and the file is not the problem. Callback is never executed and similarly promises stay pending.

Is there a trick I am missing when dealing with async stuff in electron?

Thank you a bunch, this has been driving me crazy for the last two hours.

Issue using MathJax in Electron (with Vue component)

I got the same issue using Electron and Vue.


You might want to start your own thread with a detailed description of what you’re trying to do and a link to somewhere online (preferably GitHub) with your project code so that we can see it.