Mathematica Language mapping in Hydrogen

I would like to use Wolfram Language 12 in atom hydrogen. However, in my atom, the language is automatically recognized as Mathematica. The following error occurs
No kernel for grammar Mathematica found.

I tried different language mappings, none of them worked.

{ "wolfram language 12": "Mathematica" }
{ "wolframlanguage12": "mathematica" }
{ "Wolfram Language 12": "Mathematica" }

jupyter kernelspec list shows that the kernel is installed properly.

    Available kernels:
      ir                   /Users/Peezy/Library/Jupyter/kernels/ir
      julia-1.1            /Users/Peezy/Library/Jupyter/kernels/julia-1.1
      python2              /Users/Peezy/Library/Jupyter/kernels/python2
      python3              /Users/Peezy/Library/Jupyter/kernels/python3
      wolframlanguage12    /Users/Peezy/Library/Jupyter/kernels/wolframlanguage12

It would be really appreciated if anyone could provide some advice.