Material-Design: Problem with CSS box-shadow?


Hello guys!

I’m using electron to build an application in angular 4, with the angular material design components.
One of the most important principles of the material design is the “depth” sensation of the materials, buttons and cards. This depth is achieved using box-shadow in CSS.

The problem is, and I didnt find anyone with the same problem so I’m getting crazy thinking this thing is only affecting me, that the box-shadow property doesnt seem to work right in electron! I’ve tried to implement shadows with and without the angular material components and they just dont work as expected and in the majority of the time, they dont even are rendered.

For me this is a major UX issue and I’m wondering if I’m the only one having it.

I opened an issue on github if you guys want to know more:

Anyone else having the same trouble?

Thank you guys!


Just downgraded to version 1.5.1 and the box-shadows work fine. The problem is in version
1.6.0 onwards