Match If - End


How can I match If - End or Function End? The usual bracket matching doesn’t seem to match with languages that use End instead of brackets.


Please be explicit. Which program language / grammar do you have in mind?


Oh, I thought the bracket matcher was not language specific? I don’t see why it would be language specific?



Currently the bracket-matcher does not handle what you are asking for. See the package description: There is provision for customized brackets, but I doubt what you ask can be done.

You could make a request for the feature: I am of the opinion that it is a good idea to have what you ask. This may even be more possible if the IDE functionality becomes more mature in Atom.

ideally the grammar / language package should be the one that gives the required information to the bracket-matcher or any such community package that emulates such functionality.

The program language you have in mind might even already have an add-on community package that gives you a visual indication of pairs such as if end. Someone might be willing to suggest some ideas by knowing specifically what you are thinking of for the moment.

When you type if and the end is placed automatically, is the work of the auto-complete… or a community package.

What are your thoughts?


Ok thanks. Just wondered if the functionality exists, I guess it’s harder to make than simple brackets.


There is a good possibility that what you ask is already available in a community package. Not knowing which program language you are looking for blocks people from helping you to find such package.

I am still of the opinion that what you ask should be brought intobracket-matcher.