Master Backing Library


My company has started to move to GIT… but three legacy projects will not be used.
Is there a way of making a directory the Master directory…

so when you make changes in the local files they show up highlighted as different…
I believe there is a GIT package for this… but I can not seem to find a non GIT package.


If you open a Git repository in Atom, it will do what I believe you’re asking automatically. If you change a file, it will show up as a different color in the Tree View.


Yes… but I want to do that outside of GIT.
given a directory that would have the master files in…
From there I do a checkout, and want it to mark the difference.

NOTE: legacy projects will not be moved to GIT.


There isn’t anything built-in to Atom that will provide that. You may be able to find something in the package directory at