Marking text seems to bleed memory like a stabbed pig



I was trying out the editor and felt it was a bit slow marking text. (I opened a normal stdafx.h file ~35 lines of code and marked some text). It was some kind of input lag not much but enough to catch my attention. So i wanted to see what the application drew in memory. Shocked i noticed that having a project opened with 5 tabs resulted in 5 atom processes taking up from 3.5mb in the smallest to 115+ mb as the largest.

Then i noticed marking text and just moving your cursor up and down e.g. marking more / less text made the process bleed allot of memory. And with allot i mean about 250KB / sec.


From your use of the term “marking text” I assume you’re talking about using the vim-mode package?



Nope no addons where used. I just started the atom, opened a project and opened a file. Then i clicked with my left mousebutton, and while holding it down i moved my arm up and down. (Making marked area bigger and smaller).