Markdown syntax highlight issue with heredoc and blockquote


If you have a list item with a block quote in markdown, e.g.

1. List Item
    # Some block quote stuff

And that blockquote is set to be styled as bash (or bourne shell, probably anything that supports heredoc, though I’ve only tested bash), the heredoc end tag will never be seen because it’s assuming it to be at the beginning of the line, but it needs to be at the beginning of the blockquote or it won’t be part of the blockquote in markdown.

1. List Item
    #! /bin/sh
    cat << EOF >> /dev/null
    This is a quote. It get highlighted properly in red (per my theme - Atom Light)
    this text is still red because it didn't recognize the heredoc tag. EVERYTHING AFTER THE cat
    line will be treated as part of the heredoc quote.

Putting the EOF on the beginning of the line gets the heredoc close tag recognized, but it breaks the markdown and places it outside the blockquote.