Markdown Preview to RTF


I write everything in markdown using Atom – emails, release notes, documents. The editing and preview is great, but when I use “Copy as HTML” to export it to Outlook or Word (Mac 2011) I end up with a mess of the HTML markup. My work around is to copy the markdown from Atom, paste it into Mou and copy it’s preview panel output, and then paste that into other apps.

I’m wondering if others know of a better process or package that can simplify my workflow. Thanks for any suggestions.


At least one problem is that all code preview is displayed using an actual Atom editor instance. Who knows what would happen when trying to copy a shadow dom.

I think a package would be needed the renders it to html off screen and puts the html in the clipboard. Have you written an Atom package before? If you’ve done web development then it is not hard.