Markdown line through doesn't work


The markdown line-through (~~Text to ignore~~) doesn’t seem to work here on discuss. The following text should have a line-through, but for me it shows as text enclosed by some tildes…

This piece of text should have a line through it and no tildes around it, but sadly it doesn’t :frowning:


Strikethrough text isn’t part of the original Markdown specification and, in my experience, is not a commonly implemented extension.

You can use the <strike> tags because many HTML formatting tags can be used just as you would in HTML :grinning:


Aha, I was using this cheatsheet and it’s a bit unclear if it’s about markdown or github-flavored-markdown, so it seems to be the latter…

And wow, I’ve never heard about the <strike> tag. Guess you keep learning things every day, even about the simple things in life such as HTML :smile: Thanks! The <strike> tag seems to be deprecated though.


True. It was even obsoleted in HTML5. But the standard is always just an advisory to browser manufacturers :wink:


Yeah I know. It works for now so I’m happy :smiley:


I think you can also use <strike><del>…</del>


Yeah that seems to work Thanks :slight_smile:


You can also use [s]this[/s] to get this.