Markdown, latex, and pdf


Is there any package, or combination of packages, that will render latex in markdown and allow for some sort of export to pdf for printing?


The pandoc-convert package provides a set of commands to use the open-source conversion software pandoc. If you want even more powerful functionality, I recommend also getting process-palette and learning how to use the pandoc CLI.


I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

LaTeX will produce PDF directly.


I’m talking about writing a markdown file, and within that markdown file, including some LaTeX formatting. Atom can render the Markdown (with Latex), but I don’t see how to then convert that into something that can be printed.


How does pandoc-convert work for you?


When you say:

Atom can render the Markdown (with Latex)

how do you do that and what output do you get?


Markdown Preview Plus


Yup, that works.