Markdown Footnote Support


I’ve very much enjoyed writing Markdown in Atom, but I noticed that it’s parser basically handles the same as the Markdown of Github (which, of course, makes sense). It does not support, however, the MultiMarkdown or Markdown Extra footnote features that make Markdown much more useful for academics and the like. How difficult is this to develop, and is this even something that would make it into Atom since it is not even supported in Github?


There are at least a couple packages that handle Atom’s Markdown support:

If all you’re talking about is syntax highlighting and snippets and such, then you could always make a new grammar definition and disable the Language GFM package. If you want to see footnotes supported in the Markdown Preview pane then you could perhaps create a pull request for that package that would allow it to have a configurable renderer.


Thanks! That’s very helpful actually.

The difficulty, however, is that what I would like to have happen is not GFM. So, I may have to create my own variants of both if the pull requests are not accepted.