Markdown code block syntax not green in editor


I’m using Atom 1.15.0 (RHEL). I used to see a code block in the editor use green. Recently, I do not see the syntax for a code block in the editor change to green [1]. I’ve switched themes and still no color. When using Atom 1.12 (Fedora) the code block syntax correctly changes to green. I use the same theme in both (One Dark). I tried safe mode as well. I would like to see the code block syntax as green. Note that the markdown output works fine and shows a code block.



I installed 1.12 on Ubuntu and confirmed that in a Markdown file, a code block without a language specifier was colored green but after installing 1.15, it was grey like in your screenshot (same theme in both cases). I also tried 1.14 and my test code block was also green there. I just used:

def hi
 puts "hello"

I’m not sure if this is a bug or an intentional change - I didn’t notice any particularly relevant recent pull requests either /cc

Do you think this is a bug/enhancement/other @Wliu?


Not sure. I can’t see any obvious reason to why that changed either.


Cool thanks for the :eyeglasses::v:

@mercellusb can you go ahead and open an issue in and fill out the issue template?


Will do. Thanks for testing.