Margin around editor in UI theme?


See attached. Is it possible to have a margin on the left of the main editor, showing the app bg color, just like there is by default on the right of the editor? Where would this be set in a theme’s LESS?


Based on your screenshot, not sure if the left margin should be just for the editor or also the tabs or everything including the tree-view? If everything, you could add it as padding to the atom-workspace like

atom-workspace {
  padding-left: 10px;


Sorry, newbie question. To what file would I add this?


@richardk You would add that to ~/.atom/styles.less


Thanks. This creates a different coloured bar:

I would prefer if it was the same as the editor’s background for the theme. As if all text was just shifted 2 mm to the right.
Is that also possible?


I think you can replace atom-workspace with atom-text-editor in that case.


Yes! Thanks again.