Mapping menu items to their name


I was running the linux version and was unable to map Selections>Split to Lines. It wasn’t until I got home on my Mac and saw that it’s actual name is split-selections-into-lines. Do you have, or plan to have a mapping of the menu items to their actual name? Or can you point users to the source code that contains that info?


Each package can define any commands they want to menu items and call them anything they want. It is sort of a wild west situation.

My suggestion would be to use the command palette to find what exact commands there are. Also there is a package that lists all commands you have access to.


Thanks for the reply Mark, that should help figure things out. Perhaps that should be added to the documentation?


As @leedohm pointed out recently this is the worst time for documentation. The core is being changed radically and rapidly. The API as well as underpinnings are changing as they head to 1.0. There a tidbits of docs about the changes but there isn’t much about how the UI will change.