Manualy restore session from storage file


Hi Community,

i love the ‘automatic’ session reopening of atom.
but sometimes i accidentally open a file from the file-manager and atom was not opened before-
so it discards the session and just shows the given file.
feature request: i would like to change the opening behaviour so it will append the file or open a new window - so that my old session is save…

i have found that old sessions are stored as editor-cf0491635dd7be8394d2649bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe9 files (the numbering changes)
how to use one of these files to restore this session?

i have not found a config file that contains the filename.

sunny greetings


Your old session is safe. Sessions are stored based on the root of the “project” that was open at the time.

You can re-open your old session by opening a command-line window, navigating to the root directory of the project where your old session was open and starting Atom by using atom .


hi leedohm,
thanks for the explanation.
i had multiple projects added to the treeview -
so i will try to use the first in the list.
so the filename is a hash of the directory?

sunny greetings