Manually install package from .zip-files without net-connect?


I downloaded package «» from gitHub into «C:\». It placement «C:\». How I can will install it. When I use command:
С:>apm install C:\
Installing C:\ to C:\Users\USERNAME.atom\packages failed
Request for package information failed: connect ECONNREFUSED (ECONNREFUSED)


You can’t because installing a package involves going online and downloading the package’s dependencies. If you want to install a package that has no dependencies, you can just unzip it into a new folder inside the .atom/packages/ folder.


Unpacking in folder .atomv/package doesn’t work. Unzipped package don’t plug to ATOM. When programm is started I have error message about problem of “open-in-browsers-master”


^ that package has dependencies.


Please click on the link I posted. If you do, you will see why it didn’t work. You should connect your computer to the Internet while you install Atom packages.


Yes, I was seeing your links. Thanks. May I download files of the dependencies for installing on PC without internet? How get listing items for additional installation to the package?


Download from where, if not the internet? And that really (probably) wouldn’t work, as those dependencies in turn will have their own dependencies.

The best, easiest, only supported thing for you to do is download a package normally.

Something I’m not getting though, is how you can download the zip files and dependencies, but not just install the package normally. Is there some other issue you haven’t mentioned?


Do you know what you download every time? I need ready the assembly of my software for portability.


There’s a flight manual entry for making Atom portable


I don’t understanding what your mind… Do you offer trying portable version Atom? Or what… my skills for english reading is not very well…


You want Atom to be portable, right?

If so, you can read this part here

I can’t help you if you want to install something manually. That would be a dependency nightmare.


not exactly. I want ready the install package with plugins for installing on others PC. That must work without network connection. I’m stilling confused, that some code fragments being contain:
"type": "range"
"_from": "graceful-fs@>=4.1.2 <5.0.0",
"_npmOperationalInternal": {
"host": "",
"tmp": "tmp/graceful-fs-4.1.11.tgz_1479843029430_0.2122855328489095"
that’s code appear after installilng package. I don’t know what mind that.
I’m suspecting that it is a potential security concerns. On this necessarily will point our sysadmin of security


I haven’t tried it, but you could try installing normally on a safe, intenet enabled PC, and then copy it onto a internet-disabled computer. I believe you just need the application and the .atom folder.

Of course, I know nothing about computer security. Please don’t just follow this blindly if that’s a concern.


Just download all of the packages you want, then make your .atom/packages/ folder into a .zip file and copy it. Don’t copy it without compressing it first, because it will take a very long time to copy the many small files.


I found some articles about dependecies. But I have trouble with the translate, because the text contain a lot of words. I guess that articles may help me solve my task.


Those articles won’t help you. You have to install packages on a computer with Internet access. After the packages are installed, you can zip them up and move them to other computers.


packages will not work without installation node.js modules.


Correct. That’s why you need to install an Atom package the normal way with an internet connection, so it can install the needed NodeJS modules.

Once installed, you can compress, copy, and move to another computer. So long as they have the same operating system, I believe it will work. There may be issues if you change operating system.


Some of them will, but most won’t.

This is true, but only for a small number of packages. Most of them (the ones that are pure JS/CS/HTML/Python) will be fine, but a few need to build native modules or have dependencies that do.