Managing multiple ftp accounts

Hello guys.
I’m graphic designer and I only work with HTML/CSS for some stuff. I’ve been trying to find a new code editor. I’ve tried a bunch of them but since I’m not well familiarized with codes, it has been really painful. I like design stuff, buttons, colors etc. That’s why Atom was great for me!

However, I’m having a hard time to understand how you guys do when managing ftp accounts. I used to update several websites and I used to have the remote tree in my old notepad++. It used to be very simple and extremely fast in switching between ftp accounts. But since I’m trying new code editors, this activity has become boring and so complicated.

In Atom I’ve tried to install multiple ftp account plugin but I can’t make it works in any way. So the other option would be working with multiple windows, but then this way isn’t convenient.

What else can I try? I mean, seriously, is it the way it works in this world of coding? In other code editors, most of the ftp plugins, you got to type the folder that you want to navigate. Having the remote tree seems to be way more convenient and fast.

Any recommendations or links for studying?

You do not give the name of the plugin you tried or the errors reported. If it is multiple-ftp-remote then this is the dependency …

Plugin for Atom editor that adds possibility for multiple Hosts (.ftpconfig) files. Requires ‘Remote Ftp’ plugin

But why not try multiple PuTTy sessions instead of plain FTP? Or create a series of commands to be listed in command-palette plugin.

atom-commander works well for FTP and allows you to easily switch between servers.