Manage error pane


Hi, i’ve just downloaded some c++ code and when opening it in atom, the screen is completely filled with errors. I cant see any of the code or even move them.
I’ve also had problems with the c++ linter in that most of the error’s it throws up are layout based and just take too much time to reformat when importing large amounts of code.

Is there anyway to remove or at least resize the error’s pane, ideally so you can scroll through them. Also is there a way to disable some of the layout error’s, (error’s which wont affect the actual running of the program).

Thanks in advance!


You should be able to fix that using CSS, if you know how to target the error pane with a selector you can add a rule like this in your user stylesheet:

the-error-pane-selector {
  max-height: 200px; // limit the pane's height when > 200
  overflow-y: auto; // Allow scrolling when height > 200


incredible, you’ve just made my day!