Making code scroll horizontally as columns instead of vertically?


I’ve had this idea for a package that would optimize the wasted space on the right side of my editor because I usually have short lines of code…

Lets say I have a 100 line file and my editor’s height only shows 37 lines before having to scroll vertically.

I want the lines that would be “out of view” moved into a column to the right so that I don’t have to scroll down.

  1. Lines 1 - 37
  2. Lines 38 - 75
  3. Lines 76 - 100

I can edit all areas of a file without needing to scroll a whole lot because I can take full advantage of my 27" monitor.

Do you think this would be usable or at least an interesting experiment?
Any ideas on how to approach it? atom-workspace looks intense.


Lol I just realized splitting a tab right opens the same tab and you can scroll down it to a second are you might be working on.