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I love Atom. I recently switched off of Sublime due to Atom’s nodeness. But Sublime provided a portable distribution for putting it on a USB flashdrive. I can sort of do this due to the zip package, but plugins and themes and such all go to my user profile folder. Is there someway I can set atom to install and create themes and packages to a directory of my choosing? I have not seen anything useful in the setting, but I may have overlooked it.


Hi James, there is already work being done on that :slight_smile:


In the meantime you could ln -s /path/to/usb-drive/.atom ~/.atom, but you’ll have to do it on every pc you’re running atom from, so it’s far from optimal…


It’s done.

Check this out:


stupid noob question, don’t have a good understanding of how pulls/commits, etc…

is the zip for 0.177.0 portable now?


No, this was just merged today. It should be in v0.178.0 whenever that comes out.

The way to figure this out for yourself is:

  1. Go to the PR page. In this case:

  2. Check to see if the PR is marked Open, Closed or Merged:

    • If it is marked Open, then it is still being worked on. Check back later.
    • If it is marked Closed, that means that it has been abandoned for one reason or another. You can check back later, but it is unlikely it will be merged.
    • If it is margked Merged, then continue on with these instructions :grinning:
  3. Find the merge commit and click on it:

  4. In the header for a commit, you’ll see what branches and tags that commit exists within. For example, this commit exists in the master branch and tags v0.147.0 through v0.177.0 (so far):

The way that the Atom project is run, tags of this format directly correspond with releases. So when you see that a commit is marked as existing in a version-number-looking tag, then you know you can find that feature in that release. (It’s a little more complicated than that, of course, but that’s the general idea.)

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wow, thank you! great post! i was going to come back and delete my question since it didn’t add to the thread.

i appreciate that very much!