Make LF the default newline format

I’m on a windows box and every time I create a file I have to remember to change from clrf to lf and if I forget I blow up the ci server. Is there anyway to make LF the default even on a windows box?


Settings -> Packages -> Line Ending Selector -> change the “Default line ending” setting to “LF” instead of “OS Default”.


awesome!!! thank you. Perhaps I should have been able to find that. I did try, just a lot of stuff for me to get used to.

Thanks! Is a piece of valuable information. I just wanted use always LF, but atom always was using the CRLF by default when I’m on Windows. Really, years with this “problem”.

Also, useful for tools like that fixed my code, but leading the CRLF line ending and was not able to change it.

This was definitely it for me. Not sure how it happened, if I downloaded from a linux box on to the windows development machine and then uploaded to another linux box, but somehow all my files started to have a line in between; used a white lines deletion plugin until I realized it was the CRLF/LF thing. I installed Line Ending Selector and voilá. Then I used dos2unix (or endlines, an improved utility) in the command line and fixed all in a batch. VSCode has this CRLF/LF ability out of the box by the way, but I keep using Atom for the Remote FTP plugin.

Let me throw in two more options, that everybody should know about.


  2. Configuring Git to handle line endings - GitHub Docs

Both are especially useful, when you work collaboratively across multiple operating systems with different defaults