Make git diff in atom-github as same as intellij idea would be nice


A very great feature in Intellij Ides is its diff tool. It can show the partial change of one line, as it is part of line not the whole line change.
I dont know how to describe it. See the picture below:
I change a letter in a line:

But in most of other version control tools, it is shown as below (I can’t post the second picture as I’m a new user):

           - ipcRenderer.on('msg', (event, message) => {
           + ipcRenderer.on('msg', (eventt, message) => {

Maybe this feature is pretty difficult to implement, but if this feature is added to atom, I will no longer depend on intelij idea to solve conflicts.

Or is there a package with this feature?


Have a look at split-diff


I have tried this package, in some point, it is not what I want.

  1. When have some different in continuously lines, I click the button on the bottom to copy one of the diffs from one side to other side, it copies all the diffs.

  2. I think it is better to put a copy button between each different lines.

  3. When solving conflicts, I want 3 panel the left one shows my local changes, right one shows changes from remote and the middle one show the resolved result.


You could open an issue in split-diff repo requesting this feature and discuss it there.
Also you could always fork it your self.