Make Atom usable for "foreign" users


In my opinion it shoud be addressed for 1.0 to make it as widely usable as possible:
The keymap is thought for US keyboards and key binding cannot work as expected with other layouts, see:

There is also this English-centric bug for the spell-check:

Just a thought, as these bugs are quite annoying and the US community of developers may not be aware of them…

Having problems,please help!

The first issue has gotten a lot of attention, it just isn’t something that can be easily fixed. The issue there is that it requires a change to Chromium. And it is being tracked by this Chromium issue:

Which, it appears is blocked, as of this writing, by a few other Chromium issues.

As far as general support for non-English-speaking users, speaking for myself as an English-as-an-only-language person*, I don’t know that I would be able to adequately test non-English support for either keyboards or spell-checking, let alone other features that may be important to non-English-speaking users. I think if a non-English-speaker were to step up and suggest ways to fix and test some of these issues, they would find people very receptive and even helpful.

* I can read German with the help of a dictionary and speak it from something written down, but that’s far from being able to adequately test the German-language support of a product.


Right, thank you for clarifying, I didn’t realize the first issue was so complicated, I hope they get it fixed somehow.
Maybe an intern solution is possible in Atom by setting other key bindings to mimick other keyboard layouts?
It would not solve the problem but at least make key bindings work as they should when the right keys are pressed.
Don’t know it this is a possibility…

As for the rest, I will certainly keep testing Atom and report issues as I find them, but unfortunately I’m unable to contribute more.