Maintenance of atom-languageclient


According to damieng is

[…] no longer involved with GitHub or Atom

Looking at the commits he was the only committer from atom/github for a long time.

My question: who is responsible for it now?

There are several open issues and pull requests. In my opinion this is an integral part of many IDE packages.


Hey @lloiser :wave:

Lee touches on this in where he mentions:

Right now, we’re concentrating more on fixing bugs, implementing smaller features, and doing more rigorous user research. More active maintenance of Atom IDE at some later date isn’t off the table but it isn’t something that we’re going to be doing in the near term.

So no one is currently assigned to work on the IDE related repositories, but this could change if priorities change in the future.


Thx for the info.
That means that the issues or pull requests will not be dealt with sooner or later. :slightly_frowning_face:
It’s a pity but I’ll accept and wait.